Nipsey Hussle — One Year Later

March 31, 2019, was the day rapper/activist/entrepreneur was murdered. A moment that first paused the Hip Hop community and later the world. And although his death makes even less sense today than it did a year ago, the journey within the past year is a testament to his legendary life.

The universal feeling of death was shock and disbelief, which opened the door for shameless propaganda. Online conspiracist immediately began to spread factless stories that murder was a reaction from

A short time later, memorials began to emerge to spotlight existence. Graffiti artist(LA especially) brought to life concrete walls with visuals of an . At the same time, the televised funeral at Staples Center showcased his human side as close friends and family spoke proudly of the loved son and father, who was also a dedicated philanthropist.

As the year continued began to show up onscreen like a walking spirit through music videos and TV. His presence became haunting when he rapped on and sad when he appeared on To see finally getting the recognition in the afterlife became a reminder of his vast potential that was now gone.

Respect for continued through heartfelt tributes from his partner-N-rhyme to sincere dedication at the Grammys. However, it was the three and a half minute video starring his(Nipsey) widowed life-partner standing strong despite her loss that assured the lifespan of legacy.

A year later and the murder of still cannot be completely understood. Whether the act itself was simply jealousy or , his death birth confusion and need to create fabricated stories that displayed people’s inability to grieve. The aftermath is that the growth of his legend created a public process of healing for those affected. His became motivational while his created inspiration. The lesson of death is a reminder that none of us are in control of our outcome while his life remains an example that legacies build along with a marathon that will always continue.



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A 313 bred HU Bison multimedia culture critic. An abstract thinker who believes “You ain’t wrong when you’re right” and that his mom’s cupcakes are legendary.